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Save $500 on a Pair of NuEar Hearing Aids

Save $500 on a Pair of NuEar Hearing Aids

Save on the best! NuEar Premium hearing aids feature the latest technology


Nearly 1-in-5 Americans over the age of 12 experience hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication. If you’re one of those 48 million people, this offer is for you! NuEar Premium hearing aids deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity in a variety of styles. Some models can stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids!

Let Advanced Hearing Systems help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in any noise environment – and save money too.  Contact us today and save big on the best hearing aids.

Our commitment to patient care was built around the mutual agreement of honor, integrity and trust with each patient. 

Contact us today to save $500 on a set of NuEar Premium Hearing Aids


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*Deposit may be required.**Hearing aid consultations are for hearing aid selection and not for medical diagnosis of hearing loss.Symptoms from hearing loss and results from hearing aid use will differ to duration and severity of loss.